Back Office Digital Transformation – why a ‘one stop shop’ solution is the answer

November 22, 2017 | Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence

back office digital transformation

With so much emphasis now being placed upon the customer experience, many enhancements have been made to transform the ways in which customers interact with the front office however, a back office digital transformation is still yet to happen for many organisations.

Despite most contact centre investment going into front office operations, as we discussed in our blog Why the front office is just the tip of the iceberg, COO’s and business transformation leaders should now be looking at a transforming the back office by transfering those innovations so that their back office is more responsive to changing customer behaviours.

What is a back office digital transformation?

Until now, back office workforce optimisation solutions have had to rely on multiple other vendors to provide them with additional modules; until now.

OPX is a modular programme that offers the multiple features required to support a back office digital transformation (workforce optimisation, robotics process automation, digital communications) within one solution. Whilst this not only removes complexity from the back office, a one stop shop solution provides minimal implementation and training time.

What are the OPX modules?

Digital input of incoming work

Until now, chatbots, emails and web forms have fed into the front office, but quality can be compromised when there is human input. OPX can now send information directly to the back office, streamlining the interworking of the front and back office, and removing any potential human error.

Blended Robot/Human activity

Within OPX, RPA is designed specifically for operations, so it becomes another resource of the back office, instead of working independently and to different schedules. OPX identifies what should and should not be automated, ensuring correct task allocation every time.

Back office workforce optimisation

Removing bottlenecks, boosting productivity, highlighting skills gaps and utilising resource to get the best out of people.

What benefits does a one stop shop solution provide business process outsourcing companies?

By opting for an all-encompassing suite of solutions – or – a ‘one stop shop’ like OPX, customers can expect the following return:

Significant cost reduction

By providing a modular system, back office operating costs can be significantly reduced simply by removing the reliance on multiple venders.

A scalable solution

users can benefit from the flexibility of being able to scale the modules up and down as required, or simply utilise the OPX’ core function and expand at a later stage.

A simpler user face

Operational managers can plan, manage and monitor a blended workforce from a single, but holistic, view of all operations. This makes it easier to use than its counterparts and achieves a faster buy-in from team leaders.

OPX is a back office workforce optimisation solution championed by leading organisations. To find out how OPX could facilitate a back office digital transformation in your organisation, speak to one of our experts today.

The Corporate Modelling team will be exhibiting at the National Planning Conference 28-29th November in Warwickshire.

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