Back office and performance: Why the front office is only the tip of the iceberg!

November 9, 2016 | Workforce Management

back office and performance

Back office and performance – the business iceberg

We’re talking back office and performance and we’re thinking of business like an iceberg – we are all familiar with the tip of the iceberg, but it is the large, underbelly of an organisation (the part that you never usually see) that can have the biggest impact on business performance.

Social media, digitalisation and changes in customer expectations mean that an inefficient customer experience can damage a company’s reputation. So its never been more apparent that the  front office call centre can only be as good as the back office that is supporting it.

Whilst the two perform different functions, have different objectives and work under different environments, without a harmonious accord between them,  business performance, profitability and brand reputation, to name a few, could suffer.

The back office and customer service

The role of the front office is to provide the customer with the information that they require. The role of the back office is to perform, research and hone business process to provide the front office with the  information and tools they require to satisfy the customer. It is paramount that the back-office processes are seamless enough to ensure the timely completion of tasks to support their call centre front office colleagues.

Therefore, anything from employee engagement, staff development and the organisation/allocation of work could directly impact the front office, compromising competitive advantage and brand reputation.

The back office and compliance

Whilst not dealing directly with clients, the back-office is carrying out the necessary risk assessment checks, providing advice and supporting the front office call centre by ensuring that the organisation remains legally compliant and diligent, whilst providing accurate settlements, reconciliations and more. The information must be accurate, compliant and compiled quickly to avoid customer service delays.

Historically, workforce management tools were created for the front office to boost employee engagement, improve performance and therefore meet customer expectations. But strategic decision makers are now benefiting from deploying this to the back office to drive employee productivity and therefore aid the front office in improving the performance of the business holistically.

So, do not underestimate the importance of the back office in supporting the organisation and keeping it above water, it upholds more than you may think.

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