ReAssure use Corporate Modelling to deliver true Operational Excellence

February 8, 2017 | News & Announcements, Operational Excellence

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Singing the praises of our award-winning products is one thing, but when we can actually demonstrate HOW they have driven operation excellence for our clients – our products speak for themselves. That’s exactly what happened with ReAssure who, through fully utilising our workforce management tool OPX, saw a 15% reduction in operating costs, and a 10% increase in customer satisfaction – and that wasn’t all!

In 2012, ReAssure (formerly Admin Re, a part of the Swiss Re Group) set out to make significant improvements to their operations. An employer of over 2,000 staff across 4 multiple sites, operating costs were increasing and it was becoming difficult to transfer workflow across the 4 sites. This was threatening the continuation of delivering customer excellence.

Delivering Project Operational Excellence

Our team at Corporate Modelling worked alongside ReAssure to design, develop and implement a Workflow and Process Management Solution based on QPP (Queue Management, People Management, and Performance Management) that has enabled them to;

  • Assess and improve their team’s productivity.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Remedy skills shortages and gaps.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Manage KPIs in line with evolving client and regulatory demands.

MI Reporting

Another key part of Project Operational Excellence was fully facilitating  MI Reporting and utilising it to its full extent. OPX gave ReAssure access to insightful data and an ability to delve deeper in to the analytics of the business. This meant that they could continually and rapidly assess and make further improvements to the management of the operations.

The Results

After a seamless transition of OPX into their existing systems, the programme began to show immediate return. This included benefits to their customer service that were gained even at the training stage.

Thanks to OPX, ReAssure transformed the way business was operating and performing on a day to day basis. OPX provided them with an end-to-end solution that would manage and report on all aspects of daily operations; people, processes, and technology.

The output of project operational excellence gave the following return;

  • 15% increase in the number of transactions per employee
  • 10% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 15% reduction in operating costs
  • 12% reduction in telephone contact
  • 50% reduction in propensity to complain

New business and revenue driver

With optimised working practises and improvements to customer service, ReAssure were then able to enhance their competitive standing and reputation. Senior Administration Manager at ReAssure, Mark Feeley, stated that ‘ultimately, OPX enabled ReAssure to win new books of business. The new process and service levels obtained by utilising OPX enabled the business to accurately measure the cost of our service, refine our process and remain competitive in the market place”.

And with results like that – the Corporate Modelling team here couldn’t be happier!

Click here to view the full case study.

Could OPX drive your operational excellence?

The New Year brings with it a great opportunity to address business change.  If you would like to understand OPX in more detail, or how it can be applied to your business – please get in touch with a member of our team who would be delighted to take you through a demo.

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