How can employee monitoring software be beneficial for your business?

November 30, 2021 | Productivity

employee monitoring software

The first question we should answer – what is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software is a solution that provides a range of tools that provide a thorough overview of employee productivity at any given time. Businesses that do not use such solutions need to rely on their employees’ trust and believe they are doing their best to achieve given benchmarks. Another option is that the employees’ work evaluation is solely based on delivered results. Despite making sense – ultimately, results matter the most, these methods can still negatively impact your company. There is no indication that based on the output of a task, the task could not have been accomplished more efficiently, or that the next one will be equally as successful.

What if your employee could complete their tasks much faster? What if the employee struggles with part of the task and gets stuck in the same place every time they try to complete it? What if the requested employee always seeks assistance? These situations can cause underperformance of business processes; the bigger the team, the bigger the impact it can have on your business overall.

To better understand the value of employee monitoring software, we’ve written down the benefits it can bring to a business.

What benefits could the integration of employee monitoring software bring in to your business?

1. Productivity boost

If the monitoring software is a part of the process automation system, tasks become partially automated and, as a result, much easier to perform for employees. Having clearly identified KPIs also supports the employees’ productivity. Employees have a real-time preview of how they perform in comparison to what is expected of them.

2. Clear overview of the process of achieving the business benchmarks

Employee monitoring software has a significant impact on achieving the company’s benchmarks. Management receives a real-time preview, in which they can see if there are any obstacles in the process. For instance, if any part of the team is underperforming, undertrained, or understaffed.

3. Positive impact on employee wellbeing

Employee monitoring software shouldn’t be perceived as something negative for the employees themselves. The system helps the management identify any changes to employees patterns, lack of productivity, or poor time management. The pandemic had had an enormous impact on employees mental health. Combined with hybrid working practices, it is difficult to notice what some employees may struggle with. The fall in an employee’s productivity could be the first indicator that the employer should check on their wellbeing.

4. Identification of training needs and skill gaps

The employee monitoring software can help to identify any training needs. Does one employee take much more time to perform the same tasks than the other employee? There may have some skill gaps. In such situations, additional training might be required.

5. Reporting on KPIs and helping to forecast

A comprehensive range of reports helps not only to provide an overview of the current performance metrics but also helps to forecast. The business goals are easier to estimate as a result of having more supporting data.

6. Managing remote-working employees

A lot of companies have adjusted permanently to the work-from-home set-up. Not all of them, however, figured out the best way to manage their remote employees. As a result, the productivity of remote employees can be lower than the employees working on-site. Employers can easily fix this with the right tool.

Overall, investment in a system for employee productivity monitoring is likely to bring a range of benefits to your business. The return on this investment can surge quickly. The same workforce can see a productivity boost and increased service delivery. If managed well, it will give an increased sense of security to employees. Furthermore, if connected with a solution for process automation, the system can completely change your organisation. It can make it more modern, competitive, and profitable.

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