Application Discovery

December 2, 2021 |

OPX Application Discovery (OAD) is a module developed in consideration with companies that enable remote and hybrid working. OAD offers a complex overview of employees activities and performance in real-time. Apart from complex reports, OAD shows a mouse activity and screen preview.

The module was developed to help with:

  • Assisting with meeting compliance and audit requirements
  • Assisting with monitoring work-mental-health of remote team members
  • Enabling a hybrid and flexible working regime
  • Encouraging employees to evaluate their own scoring and start self-improving
  • Identifying over-working and ‘always on’ behaviours that lead to burnout
  • Tracking if employees are using any unsanctioned IT apps
  • Discovering what apps are used for each process activity
  • Better analysis of Idle time during the day
  • Ability to see robotics opportunities for providing a service to speed up case working at an activity

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