OPX User App

December 2, 2021 |

The OPX User App is a highly configurable application designed to guide, prompt and enable individual agents to process work efficiently based on skill levels and the needs of the business.

The intuitive, icon-based interface is the key to managing how and when the tasks get processed. The “Get Next” option selects the next work item from the queue based on the skills level of the agent, SLA or other criteria set by the team leader, preventing “cherry-picking” of the simplest cases.

All options are configured via the OPX Team Leader Console by team leaders or managers. An agent’s actions, times, and decisions are recorded through the Workflow Manager to analyse individual, team or department performance. This enables the monitoring and immediate fine-tuning of work and processes to meet quality or SLA targets.

Each work item has its processing history available. That is associated correspondence, documents, notes or other relevant information from the OPX system or any supporting back-office system.

Pre-configured checklists guide the agent through the task together with options to defer, pause, pass ownership, or escalate if other departments need to be consulted, information needs to be requested, or simply take a break or attend a meeting.

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