Planning & Scheduling

December 2, 2021 |

The OPX Planning and Scheduling Module is an integrated part of the OPX suite, capturing and planning: individual, team and departmental activity. It saves the cost and decreases the complexity of maintaining and integrating third-party applications.

Aimed at team leaders and resource planners, the module is highly configurable to create individual, team, and departmental shift patterns. Multiple users’ calendar previews can be configured to check if the resources match the volume and timing of forecasted or actual work.

Calendar previews can be shown for individual (for day-to-day management and review purposes), shift, team or department for an immediate (today) or any given time. Departmental, individual, team and company activities, such as holidays, meetings, training etc., are automatically added to each calendar to ensure a comprehensive preview of resources available.

Information captured by the Intelligent Agent Assist (IAA) links to the shift or calendar previews, enabling managers to decide when and where to make immediate adjustments to a shift pattern.

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