Real-time Work Allocation

December 2, 2021 |

OPX tracks the demand for services in real-time from multiple channels, including scan and index imports, call centre and IVR interfaces, email and SMS messages, and manually and automatically (through a web portal) generated requests.

OPX provides global demand visibility and can show in real-time the workload in dashboards and reports, online and sliced and diced as required.

OPX can automatically allocate work in real-time based on SLAs, volume and type of work matched to the available resource capacity and skills. It also allows managers to make a change and allocate work manually in order to meet unexpected or changing circumstances.

The automatic work assignment prevents “cherry-picking” when agents select the work directly from a queue. ‘Cherry picking’ of tasks can lead to work or cases moving out of an agreed SLA due to its perceived complexity.

Real-life example:

One of our customers moved work from India to the UK during a period of national mourning. The move took place in minutes of the management being notified by OPX that the Indian teams had clocked off, enabling managers to re-prioritise outstanding work allocations and move them back to the UK.

Benefits of using Real-time Work Allocation Module:

  • Automatically matches work with resources
  • Prevents agent self-selection
  • Enables immediate re-allocation of work to meet changing priorities
  • Helps consistently meet SLAs

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