Specialist Agent

December 22, 2021 |

The OPX application enables the specialist agent to:

  • Accept referrals from other agents
  • Use the specialist complaints module
  • Receive work from a dedicated QA queue
  • Automatically get new customer emails and documents
  • Take ownership or share ownership of cases
  • Share skills and reduce workload by developing a script flow
Specialist’s Challenges Impacts How OPX can help
Prioritising requests from many different sources.
  • Tendency to prioritise work by the seniority of the source, rather than its urgency
  • ‘Bottomless’ pile of work is discouraging
  • A lot of time is spent on admin work.
  • SLA based prioritisation.
  • The system enables referrals and escalations.
Keeping track of the many pieces of evidence and documentation associated with complex cases
  • Incorrectly processed complaints
  • Incompletely evidenced complaints
  • Sanctions from a regulatory body.
  • Offers specialised modules for handling complaints.
  • Supports QA and assurance steps.
  • Provides email gateways.
Revisiting cases repeatedly in order to build a complex picture
  • Cases can slip outside of SLA while waiting for more information
  • Absolute ownership slows down processing
Flexible and optional case ownership. Enables easy monitoring of deferred cases.
The case queue is mixed with easy, medium, and complex cases Spending too much time on simple cases to the detriment of more demanding cases During peaks of workload, Scriptflow moves all of the simple cases to be handled by agents who are only trained for these specific cases

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