Team Leader

December 22, 2021 |

For the Team leaders, OPX has a team leader app which enables:

  • Automating routine workflow to save time
  • Adjusting workflow in real-time
  • Measuring staff productivity and utilization in real-time
  • Managing QA teams and review work to check the quality
  • Scheduling shifts and holidays, and reporting on staff attendance
  • Managing agents’ skills and training
Team Leader Challenges Impacts How OPX can help
No real-time preview on task allocation
  • Making decisions based only on the output of completed cases
  • Losing time face-to-face monitoring and micro-managing staff
Real-time activity dashboard with archive data available.
Distribution of tasks according to the skillset Even when knowing the strengths of each employee, manual task allocation takes a lot of time Skills based workflow. Manual assignment and adjustments of tasks according to the skillset.
Balancing operational output with training time Reduction in the department performance while in training Offers quality metrics of individuals and teams, enabling Targeted training based on individual performance.
Making sure that the highest priority work is completed first Without the automation of the task allocation, employees can cherry-pick cases Sets prioritisation criteria, employees get the next task automatically.
Difficulty to find out which cases need the team leader’s attention Cases can fall out of SLA and impact agent’s performance statistics without assistance
  • Team leader referral button.
  • Referral data is available on the activity dashboard.

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