Glasgow is growing into one of the UK most successful Tech Hubs!

October 25, 2017 | News & Announcements

A common complaint about the UK is that for years it has been very much centred around London. Not only the country’s politics and culture but also business and finance were clustered within the capital. This has ultimately put other regions and cities at a disadvantage causing both criticism and protests.

Local mayors and leaders of local authorities continuously work to beat the historic trend and put other regions back on the map. Thanks to funding and investment, the UK seems to be becoming less centralized. One example could be BBC’s move to Manchester Media City.

In a light of the importance of Fintech to Scotland, the Scottish Government has implemented a ‘Fintech strategy’ with the aim of having Edinburgh and Glasgow ranked as one of the top 10 global leaders in the sector by 2021. Working with Scottish Financial Enterprise and its members, the Scottish Government has invested £250,000 to help raise the global profile of the county.

Scotland’s Fintech sector is brimming with commercial opportunity. Combining over 86,000 people working in the financial sector with over 100,000 in the digital technology sector, Scotland is a catalyst for Fintech growth.

Thanks to the investment Glasgow is experiencing something of a boom, especially when tech merges with finance. There are some major names within tech in the city, Glasgow hosts Morgan Stanley’s European tech team, Barclays has their tech functions there and both the FDM Group and SAS have major office branches in the city.

Glasgow has a rich and somewhat complex history. During the 18th century, it was the centre of the Scottish enlightenment and country’s powerhouse. The city then went into decline in the 1960s but more recently has transformed into a growing, modern and vibrant place.

Given the quality of life, value for money for investors and considerably short commute time – it’s not surprising that many tech companies are choosing to relocate and expand there.

The team at Corporate Modelling is proud to be part of the City Tech Hub, being established in Glasgow since the formation of the company in 2003.  Our 20 software specialists continue to develop and improve our award-winning products including our bespoke software OPX, a workforce optimisation tool that enables businesses to become more productive by driving out inefficiencies and eliminating mistakes.

For more information about Corporate Modelling or our award-winning product OPX, please contact our Glasgow team.

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