How Fintech Is Making Insurance More Affordable?

August 20, 2018 | News & Announcements

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Fintech is one of the most rapidly growing fields at the moment, not just in the technology sector but as a whole. And it makes a lot of sense when one considers the numerous implications it has in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to large-scale institutions’ operations and the way they are able to meet the demands of large numbers of people. Insurance companies are seeing some strong benefits from the growth of Fintech and their connection to that industry, and it’s interesting to think about the future possibilities for the cheap insurance sector.

Better Customer Segmentation

Companies now have access to much more data about their customers, and they have easier methods for obtaining it as well. This means that it’s easier than ever to build an accurate profile of someone using the company’s services and determine how to service them more adequately. New customer segments are likely to shape up over time as companies start to see new relationships between certain variables in their data. And those who utilize this data correctly stand to gain a lot from the situation.

A More Personalized Approach

This has also allowed companies to be much more direct when dealing with their customers, tweaking everything on a more personal level to improve satisfaction across the board. We’re likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg in this regard, as companies are still heavily exploring the area of personalized insurance services and their impact on the market as a whole, but the prospects are good for the time being to have cheap insurance plans.

Customers, on the other hand, are also able to integrate their own data with the companies they’ve chosen to work with more easily and in a streamlined manner, instead of having to jump through one bureaucratic hoop after another. The benefits of that alone are significant, as customers are becoming noticeably more open to sharing their data when it matters.

Learning more from Datasets

Companies are also able to do more with the data they gather, on the other hand. Exploring certain types of connections was all but impossible with the old methods used in the past, and FinTech tools are giving companies entirely new possibilities in how they deal with the data coming in from all sides. What’s more, all of these massive data sets can now be collected and preserved much more efficiently in the long run, allowing companies to revisit them in the future when analytical methods have improved. This should result in a significant boost somewhere down the road as we keep unlocking new possibilities in terms of analysis and retention.

There’s likely more to come, too – it doesn’t make much sense to think that we’ve already seen all that Fintech has to offer with regards to the insurance industry. The technology driving this progress is going through a stage of extremely rapid development and growth, and we’re probably going to keep seeing better and better results in the very near future. Hopefully, it’s harnessed properly though, as that’s another important part of the equation that doesn’t always come out right.

By Amy Matthews, published by Finextra.

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