Invest in your people not more people

December 14, 2016 | Business Improvement, Operational Excellence, Workforce Management

invest in your people


Nurturing your staff takes time, money and effort but the rewards achieved can be the key to an engaged workforce, employee loyalty and business success. It could be that, unknowingly, you haven’t yet fully discovered your employees’ full potential and peak performance. Despite initial monetary costs, staff training pays back and has many long-term benefits.

Not only does investing in personal and professional development make a huge difference in your organisation but it also promotes greater job satisfaction. A more satisfied employee is likely to stay longer and be more productive whilst on your team.

Identifying gaps and potential          

First and foremost, you need to identify the skills gaps and which of your staff not only require but will also benefit from training. Skill gaps are one thing but recognising and developing talent is another matter.  A recent survey by Hudson indicates that 40 percent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite the lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for moving on.

As a business owner you need to understand what skills you require, both now and in the future. You need to ascertain what skills you have before analysing what is missing. Using tools like OPX can help you to identify these gaps as well as individual employee, team and organisational skill set. By highlighting any inefficiencies, bottlenecks and skills shortages, you can optimise the results achieved by your employees, and increases workforce productivity.

Training and cross-training

Instead of asking “What happens if I train my staff and they leave?” You should ask: “What happens if you don’t and they stay?” Many businesses hold a tight fist on training budgets because they fear people will leave after they’ve invested all this money in them. This may happen… However, just as many people, if not more, leave organisations because they don’t feel valued by their employers.

Training is a retention tool that drives loyalty and commitment from good workers. Staff looking for the next challenge will be more likely to stay with you as long as you offer them ways to learn and grow. Training also adds flexibility and efficiency. By cross-training your employees to be capable in more than one aspect of the business, you will keep them interested and helpful to you when setting schedules or filling in for absences.

Cross-training also fosters team spirit and is essential for knowledge transfer. If only one person in your workforce has special skills, you’ll have a tough time recouping their knowledge if they suddenly leave the company. Spread knowledge around — it’s like diversifying your investments.

Right people, not more people

Training can be used as a recruiting tool. Today’s young workers want more than a wage at the end of a month. They are geared toward seeking employment that allows them to learn new skills and develop. This is why you should allow them to grow, develop and contribute to the company. The more engaged and involved they are in working for your success, the better your rewards.

OPX for success

One of the main benefits of Back Office Workforce Optimisation is that it highlights any inefficiencies, bottlenecks and skills shortages there may be in your organisation. It allows you to optimise the results achieved by your employees and increases workforce productivity. Employees will gain recognition for their efforts and any training needs will be identified.

OPX offers person-centric skill-based approach and allows you to choose the right person for the right work every time. The integrated management Information and Quality Assurance modules track what your employees are achieving in real-time, and highlights skills and training opportunities. Not only does it help you to make right decisions around investing in your staff but it also identifies skills gaps and optimises workforce productivity as a whole. You can read more about our multi-award winning solution or discuss your specific business needs fill in our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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