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December 22, 2016 | News & Announcements

OPX on reflection

As 2016 draws to a close, we reflect on a busy but productive and exciting year for the ‘Project Operation Excellence’ team here at Corporate Modelling. Thanks to the invaluable, collaborative work we do with our partners, we have been able to make a good advancement in the development and deployment of the ongoing improvements to our workforce optimisation software, OPX.

We continue to work across our diverse client base to deliver some high performing and impactful projects, such as:

  • The MI customer journey.
  • Utilising MI to make widespread improvements.
  • Tackling organisational challenges head on.

What’s next for OPX?

The best thing about Project Operational Excellence is that it is a continuing journey to success. Because of the ever-changing regulatory demands on our clients, their organisations must continue to be agile, responsive, and competitive. To do this, Corporate Modelling strive to ensure that OPX changes and adapts in line with this so that our partners can continually improve and provide the best service for their customers.  We are excited about these upcoming, new features for 2017;

  • Associated Cases – this allows for having a group of cases associated on a primary key, and a user working on this as a set of work.
  • Picklists in WFU – there are some scenarios where the user may be best chosen to pick the order of their work from the queues they have access to; mainly in casework scenarios. We have enhanced the system to allow users a choice should this be needed.
  • User Allocation – it is not always true that allocating users to queues is the best approach and therefore we have enhanced allocation to have a user-centric approach should you spot underutilised people in the dashboards.
  • Batch MIS – on our radar for some time has been the feature to allow quick reports or dashboard templates to be executed as a batch job, either overnight or during the day, preparing the data ahead of viewing or rendering as we know it in time.
  • Multi-Select in Workflow Picklist – the ability to select a range and apply an action e.g. priority change, kill, suspend, etc.
  • Process Painter – we have traditionally used Enterprise Improvement 2 as our process painter. However, it is built for greater things and so we have added a new lightweight, easy-to-use, Process Painter to the solution.

    Creating Value with Robotics

Robotics have been increasing the output of work in the manufacturing industry for years – and Corporate Modelling is now applying this to back office business processing. With its ability to remove repetitive and mundane tasks whilst driving efficiencies, we are anticipating big things for this next year – watch this space!!

We’re really excited for what’s coming up next in 2017 – don’t forget you can keep up with us on LinkedIn and Twitter too.

From our team to yours – here’s to a productive New Year!

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