Operational Excellence starts at the heart of business

February 20, 2018 | Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Digital technology enabling better customer experience is high on the agenda for the vast majority of enterprises. However, back office contribution to how the processes are transformed often gets overlooked and doesn’t get deserved credit.

Savvy organisations are approaching the digital mandate from a number of angles, one issue remains consistently important – the association and symbiosis between the back and front office systems and processes.

Starting in the core

In the Tech Trends 2018 Deloitte’s report It is argued that unless the transformative change starts deep in the core, any efforts for change won’t get far, and here at Corporate Modelling we totally back this thesis.

The transformation from the core is critical as the functions at the heart of any organisations, such as pricing, product availability, logistics, quality and so on are made in the back office and then become available for the front-end sales and customer service operations.

The report also claims that in the midst of the digital revolution, the back-office potential remains largely intact.

This is because until now only a few enterprises have extended their digital transformation efforts beyond the front-line staff and customers facing roles.

How can digital technologies support new ways of working in the future?

The report findings forecast that this is bound to change in the next 18 to 24 months. The new focus is on constructing a core where automation, reporting, analytics, workflow, real-time analysis and interconnections are integrated into the system and changing the way work gets done. Operational Excellence...

In line with the report findings and as the trend gains momentum, we should expect core business areas such as finance and supply networks to be targeted for a meaningful change. It will be critical to understand how digital innovations can drive business value forward.


We too share a vision of enterprise functions as symbiotic “building blocks” in a large ecosystem towards reshaping and improving the business. Our software OPX is a one-stop solution specifically developed to digitally transform back office operations. Highly modular and quick to implement, OPX supports the end to end processes of back-office operations from the digital capture of incoming work, back office workforce optimization, robotic process automation to the automated output of customer communications.

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