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Who are typical OPX users and how do they benefit from using OPX?

OPX is not a sector specific solution. It can transform many businesses across different industries. What they all have in common is the structure of their business operations. Who can OPX help the most?

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OPX was the defining moment in our leadership approach…

Andy Wallace

Head of Operations at HCL IBS UK

Why OPX?

Typical business challenges

With years of experience in business process automation, we became aware that businesses without suitable systems and controls in place have been facing similar challenges. These challenges include:

  • locating business bottlenecks
  • providing effective training
  • lack of real-time statistics
  • identifying quality issues quickly
  • assigning case ownership
  • understanding the process risks
  • relying on manual and non-integrated MI
  • overviewing the benchmark achievement processes

We addressed every one of these challenges by developing OPX.

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