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Our products address the core markets of business change and digital transformation of operations. Whether it's implementing new ways of working or looking at reducing waste from the business, OPX provides our clients with the oversight and control of their operations.

Our customers include global financial services companies, business process outsourcers, utilities innovative insurance companies, and management consultants.

Recent Case Studies

Below you'll find some case studies of how OPX has helped our clients improve their operations. Click the thumbnails to view each case study.

  • ReAssure

    Part of the Swiss Re group, ReAssure, formerly Admin Re UK, specialises in the “run-off” of legacy, closed-life, business portfolios.

    The company has an impressive proven track record in the administration of life pensions and health business and the acquisition of entire life insurance companies. Swiss Re service approximately 3.3 million policies for several major UK Life Assurers and its operations include three main UK sites and one offshore site utilising 2,000 employees, including 800 customer services staff.

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    The OPX project was initiated to design, build and implement a back-office workforce optimisation solution for outsourcing organisation HCL IBS.

    However, it developed into a unique proposition – a transaction management solution that manages the back office workforce through intelligent task allocation, role/performance analysis and the elimination of case ownership within a factory-like/production line model. Previously HCL had no strong mechanism to manage their paper heavy, back office facility. They needed to change how they worked. And this meant a transformation of their business model and culture.

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