Services Overview

OPX is the result of over 200 man years of business focused enterprise software development and was conceived to provide a broad, functional, cost effective, easily configurable and easy to implement solution to aid the digital transformation of back office operations.

We work with partner companies that provide a gateway to their clients while OPX can be modelled, configured, monitored and managed in an effective and efficient manner.

OPX is not an enterprise software product in the traditional sense, and therefore it does not require heavy support from your in-house technology staff. It has been built within a Microsoft environment, and has been designed to be implemented by operations management staff. Typical implementation cycles are from 3-6 months per client, though it is possible to improve on this – one of our clients went live with 140 staff across 2 locations within 6 weeks.

Our four step implementation process is planned to aid organisation, optimisation and improvements to workforce capacity and processing.

Step 1: Analysis

During and after analysis of your existing systems and processes with OPX consultants and customer stakeholders, we identify where productivity gains can be achieved.

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Step 2: Configuration

OPX and its integrated modules form a universal platform for operational excellence encompassing back office workforce optimisation, robotics process automation and digital empowerment under one platform.

OPX and those integrated modules are all highly yet easily configurable via the OPX itself. Configuration allows us to:

  • Paint, configure and deploy processes (including service level knowledge)
  • Paint, configure and deploy organisational hierarchies
  • Associate processes with one or more nodes in the hierarchy
  • Set up OPX role-holders:
    • Operations managers or team leaders using the OPX Team Leader Console (dependent on configurable permissions)
    • OPX Intelligent Agent Assist (IAA) users, including their skills and team membership(s)
  • Associate teams of users with one or more nodes within the hierarchy
  • And much, much more, including but not limited to configurations for:
    • Planning and Scheduling
    • Quality Assurance
    • Decision Engine
    • Customer Communications
    • And pre-configuring check lists to guide the agent through the task; together with options to either defer, pause, pass ownership or escalate if other departments need to be consulted.
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Step 3: Training

User and management training is offered to three target audiences:

  • Operations Managers
    Using the OPX Team Leader Console, allows for administration of most of the system configurations and parameters
  • Team Leaders
    Using the OPX Team Leader Console, allows for the day-to-day configurations, management and setup of team structures to deal with business demands.
    The process options configured for each team and team member are automatically assigned and communicated through the OPX User App to ensure the correct processes and options are followed.
  • OPX User App Users
    Using the OPX User App, an intuitive, icon based interface which is the key to managing how work and when work gets processed. The “Get Next” option selects the next work item from the queue based on the skills level of the agent, SLA or other criteria set by the team leader preventing “cherry picking” of the simplest cases.

Trainer led group sessions are also available, offering trainees face-to-face, hands-on training with the relevant OPX features and accompanying user guides.

Both the OPX Team Leader Console and OPX User App feature comprehensive in-line and contextual help links to relevant subsets of the user guide documentation set.
User guides and training documentation links are updated whenever enhancements and additions to OPX are released.

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Step 4: Support

Our services professionals continue to work with your Operations team, analysing and assessing your growing live data to help identify and refine performance, further optimisation and improvement opportunities to enhance the overall operational efficiency.

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