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August 9, 2016 | Business Improvement, Operational Excellence

OPX in numbers: Back Office Workforce Optimisation

Turning challenges into opportunities for USP

Whilst the front office requires streamlined operations and seamless customer-focussed processes to accommodate their varying customer demands, many companies have somewhat neglected their back-office functions or run dated software that have their own limitations. Operational excellence is yet to become mainstream for the back office organisation.

With an increase in workload, greater expectations from human resources and regulators closing in on companies in the financial sector, back-office functions must revolutionise; not just to meet requirements and regulations, but so that it can be leveraged as a USP to gain advantage over competitors.

Everyone wants to improve the customer journey, reduce operating costs and retain good staff by making sure they stay engaged. To do this a change to the company culture and behaviour is paramount.

Once tasks is passed to a back-office, this is when the actual work is carried out for the customer, be it personal detail changes or a loan application. Regardless of the nature of the work, large organisations with a back-office will encounter the same functional challenges.

Common Back-Office Challenges

The shape and cost of running an organisation: Many organisations still struggle to comprehend the true cost of administration and this is particularly fundamental for outsource organisations carrying out policy administration; whose challenge it is to deliver services at a competitive rate, whilst still making a profit. Combined with the ever increasing, stringent, UK regulatory requirements, never before has a lean and efficient process been such a critical driver of revenue.

Employee Engagement and Performance Management: Customer satisfaction can often mean job satisfaction for the employee and a variety of tasks mean that they are more likely to remain engaged and supportive of a new system.

However, being subject to repeat work, unfair assignment of tasks or when supervisors are oblivious to skills gaps or staff personal development opportunities, this can result in demotivated staff, low productivity and mistakes.

Work allocation and forecasting: Research has shown that as much as 28% of an employee’s time during their working day can be wasted from poor task-allocation, cherry picking of work, bottle-necking and poor prediction of incoming workload. Being unprepared for the unpredictability of incoming work means resources are often stretched and employees with the key skills may be overtasked to accommodate the influx. This results in the wrong tasks being prioritised, delayed outputs and eventually, customer complaints.

The OPX Solution:

Effective organisational planning

OPX measures workforce efficiency; times taken on tasks in real time so that data is current and consistently informing managers of the time taken to complete an end to end process at a granular level. This live data, benchmarking and analysis means that managers can oversee the throughput of work efficiently and economically. This process optimisation may result in staff reduction which over time will affect the bottom line.

It creates the ideal environment for cohesive and linear systems to allocate work with its organisational planning expertise. Managers can avoid delays and bottlenecks by updating human resource utilisation effectively; the right work is sent to the right people without delay!

Positive working environments

On a human level, OPX acknowledges the ambitions and potentials of both individual and organisation. By highlighting skills shortages or inefficiencies in real time they can allocate resource correctly to ensure client satisfaction and therefore job satisfaction from employees.

OPX has provided its current clients with effective learning tools that promote positive working environments and a fully engaged workforce for workforce productivity.


OPX is a back office work management system created by business people, for business people; people that understand the value of time, employee engagement and streamlined customer journeys.

With OPX established as your workforce management tool, your organisation has the ability to implement big change that results in a positive impact across the business.

Despite being up against stiff international competition, OPX won both the WFMC and BPM awards for excellence in workforce management. These awards have set Corporate Modelling at the forefront of innovative and state of the art back office management solutions.

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