Add more value to your operations

The additional OPX modules accelerate your journey to digital operations allowing you expand the scope of your OPX implementation as your plans or business needs dictate.

  • Robotics(RPA)

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming a big focus for many operations professionals but should not be seen as something apart from the rest of their operations.

  • Complaints Processing

    Complaints processing is key to ensuring a good customer experience and to ensure regulations are adhered to.

  • Planning & Scheduling

    Further improve and monitor your operations with OPX Planning & Scheduling encompassing work volumes, team and robotic availability and capability.


We are constantly developing and refining OPX to help customers improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs.

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Robotic Process Automation is enjoying both a high profile and a degree or trepidation. Usually marketed and adopted as a separate system by RPA vendors and user alike leading to silos of resources and capacity.

OPX has the distinct advantage over other back office workforce optimization solutions by offering a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) module designed specifically to automate high volume transactional processes that can be scoped and managed within one system, OPX.

A robot within OPX can also be configured to automate the routine tasks to support team managers including data /case retrieval enabling team members to focus on the task or process in hand. Alternatively, OPX will work with other RPA technologies including Blue Prism, UI Path etc. Whichever RPA solution is adopted OPX can enable operations managers to monitor and control a blended workforce of both humans and robots through a single software solution.

Planning for which tasks can or should be automated is simplified through a consistent and comprehensive view of all operations. Once implemented work can be automatically allocated to team members or robots according to skills attributed and rules configured within the OPX decision engine.


  • Enables team members to undertake more high value / high skilled tasks
  • Single vendor solution to manage a blended workforce
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces overhead of managing multiple vendors
  • Single point of work allocation and reporting for both team members and robots
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Complaints Processing

The OPX Complaints Processing was initially developed during start of the PPI mis-selling expose in 2007. Driven by a need to comply with new regulations demanding timescales for opening, acknowledging, reporting and settling cases the module was quickly adopted by OPX customers.

Fully integrated with the OPX suite the complaints processing module is highly configurable and further extensible to meet the exacting requirements of individual customers. All customer interactions are held within the system including electronic copies of correspondence, links to call handling systems for recorded telephone conversations and emails.

Comprehensive reports provide transparency to for complainants, managers and regulators alike on key KPI’s including:

  • Volumes of cases started, by stage, status and outcome.
  • Projected closure / settlement dates alerting cases likely to fall outside SLA
  • Re-opened cases
  • Cases closed by status, upheld, rejected or settled

All complaints data is readily available to be further analysed by third party business analytics packages, linked to financial recording systems and spreadsheets.

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OPX Planning and Scheduling

The OPX Planning and Scheduling Module is an integrated part of the OPX suite capturing and planning for individual, team or departmental activity saving the cost and complexity of maintaining and integrating third-party applications.

Aimed at Team Leaders and Resource Planners the module is highly configurable to create individual, team and departmental shift patterns. Multiple calendar views can be configured to check resources match the volume and timing of forecasted or actual work.

Calendar views include Individual (for day to day management and review purposes), shift, team, departmental holiday for immediate (today) or any given time period. Departmental, individual, team and company activities, holidays, meetings, training etc. are automatically added to each calendar to ensure a comprehensive view of resources available.

Information captured from the Intelligent Agent Assist (IAA) link to the shift or calendar views enabling managers to make decisions on when and where to make immediate adjustments to a shift pattern

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