Workforce Management with complete visibility

In recent years, we’ve seen a complete shift in working practices, with hybrid working becoming the norm. This has brought a wealth of challenges to Team Leaders and management roles, including a greater need than ever to have better visibility of Team Member’s working practices.

That’s why we’ve completely re-thought our OPX console’s Management Information system to provide real-time dashboards that give complete visibility. From high-level company overviews to individual Team Member drilldowns, we’ve made it easier than ever to view all Processing Activity & key performance indicators such as Productivity and Utilisation figures.

But the MI System is only one of many parts of the OPX console. Read on to find out how we’ve made Team Leaders’ lives easier than ever with the complete integration of WorkForce & WorkFlow Management into one easy to use console.

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  • WorkFlow & Case Management

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence is fundamental to keeping customers happy, which is why we’ve automated case allocation to ensure that team members receive the right work at the right time. Via the OPX console, team Leaders & senior management have complete visibility over the work queues & individual pieces of work that they are responsible for, with all new customisable Workflow filtering & highlighting helping to ensure that they see what they need to see. From the Workflow tab of the console, Team Leaders can also make a change and allocate work manually in order to meet unexpected or changing circumstances.

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  • Team Management & User Allocation Operations

    Skyrocketing consumer expectations has led to a greater need for quick & efficient business processing, creating unexpected & dramatic real-time shifts in work queue demand. That’s why, in addition to our multiple user management & allocation screens, we’re developing an Agile OPS board to ensure that Team Leaders have real-time views of any shortfall or surplus of FTE in the work queues that they are responsible for, with dynamic user re-allocation options at the heart of our upcoming release.

    For administration, we’ve focussed on the development of a new Capacity Planning module to ensure that your business is prepared for any storms ahead.

    The Capacity Planning Module

  • Customisable Checklists & Information Broadcasting System

    Need to broadcast news items or alerts to individual teams or team members working in specific queues? Say no more. The OPX console comes ready equipped with a simple News broadcasting system. Channels can be created by senior management for Team Leaders & above to broadcast messages at any time. These can be accessed straight from the WorkForce User console by team members.

    Noticed a rise in Quality Assessment failures? Interactive questionnaires can also easily be created straight from the OPX console by team managers and senior management & assigned to individual business Processes or process activities. Through this, you can ensure Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) adherence and log responses to discover exactly how cases are processed in individual activities & hone in on where re-training might be required.

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  • SLA & SOP Compliance Assistance

    Your SLAs are configurable from the OPX console & can be defined for each individual process within your business. We collect data on every aspect of processing activity to provide real time adherence reports at a company, team, and team member level.

    Our automated allocation software is configured to take your SLAs into account, ensuring that your customers are never left waiting!

    We also understand that a key part of quality control & efficiency is compliance with your Standard Operating Procedures, which is why we have developed a unique ScriptFlow tool that can be used to provide a guiding hand for team members processing any type of work, with the option of API integration for the automation of repetitive tasks. Once again, no code is needed for the development of ScriptFlows, but our specialist team is always on hand to take the reins!

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  • Code-Free Process Management & Configuration

    From the very beginning of your OPX journey, our experts & business analysts will work with you to determine how the services that you provide can be mapped into individual business processes. We’ll make sure that OPX is configured for maximum efficiency, tailored to your business’ needs.

    As your business grows and changes, we have a simple drag & drop process designer & configuration window so you can create or edit processes hassle free!

    Digital Transformation Operations

  • Data Is Our DNA – Automated Data Logging & Management Information System

    At the heart of OPX lies complex underlying data tables, which are used to capture every detail of team member activity from logon to logoff. These are sent across to the OPX console’s MI System, where Team Leaders and senior management can find a wealth of dashboards & reports that turn the most valuable information into clear charts and graphs, featuring of course insightful Key Performance Indicators such as a user’s Productivity, Utilisation, and one & done statistics. You name it, we can report on it!

    For complete visibility, we have recently released the OPX Application Discovery (OAD) module, which can be used by Team Leaders to view the applications that their team use when processing cases. This provides a valuable insight into working practices that raises excellent training & business improvement opportunities.

    The OAD module

  • Automated Decision Engine

    Operations team members must make decisions all the time, some of which can be automated via the creation of complex business rules. The OPX decision engine can be setup to take some of the load off of team members by making these decisions for them. For example, to follow up on late payments with by sending letters, emails, and so on.

    The OPX decision engine also offers an option for creating new data items against processed cases, such as a field with days overdue, or information on how to handle the results, including bot involvement, data gathering or necessity of human involvement in handling the case.

    the OPX decision engine

    The OPX Console in action

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