Complete Visibility For Team Leaders & Above

Out of the box, OPX logs all interactions with the OPX App, feeding information such as case handling times and time spent on pauses & non-case related work to the OPX Console’s Management Information system. But with the addition of the Application Discovery module, Team Leaders and above can see:

  • What applications Team Members use when processing a case
  • What browser tabs they have open
  • Any time spent Away From Keyboard (AFK)
  • A timeline showing which applications were used over the course of the day, colour-coordinated according to whether they are deemed value-add, non-value add, or whether the user is AFK

The data logged by the Application Discovery module is sent to the OPX Console’s Management Information system, where it is shaped into insightful charts, graphs, and timelines that provide a wealth of business improvement opportunities.

Improve Efficiency Across The Board

In the days of old, our partners could easily compare their team members’ Productivity, Utilisation and other Key Performance Indicators to discover where operations could be improved or where re-training might be required. While extremely valuable, the addition of the Application Discovery module now provides a complete picture, as team leaders can see exactly which applications were used & when.

Say for example that Alex is checking his team’s performance processing SIPP New Business cases & sees that Naya has a productivity score of 93%, while the rest of his team have an average score of around 65-70%, he might wonder how to improve overall productivity. Is the SIPP New Business Process flawed in some way, or does Naya perhaps know something the others don’t?

Using the Team OAD dashboard, Alex can view exactly which applications Naya has been using while processing cases in each activity step, and compare them to the rest of the team. He might see that while the others are all using Microsoft Word for a large portion of case processing time, Naya isn’t using Word, but instead he can see that she has been generating emails using the OPX App’s correspondence feature. Clearly, the rest of the team have forgotten that emails can be auto-generated. Alex can therefore easily improve his team’s productivity with a simple memo reminding everyone to use the Correspondence feature!

Training Opportunities

Not only does the Application Discovery module come with a wealth of insightful dashboards, it also includes a screengrab & screen recording feature.

Say for example, that James is struggling with a case, so alerts his team leader, Nathan. They can record their screen to see where James is struggling, and help as required. This also offers an opportunity for business improvement. If Nathan realises that this might be a recurring problem, he can share the screen recording with other team leaders or senior management to analyse how the business process could be revised!

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OAD Security

While the Application Discovery client is not cloud-based and as such runs within the confines of the customer’s own network. We have added appropriate security measures to ensure that there is no room for unintended data leakage or disclosure beyond your organisation’s defined data disclosure use.

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