OPX Capacity Planning is an OPX module that helps to forecast work demand and available capacity. It includes tools for scheduling predicted work volumes accordingly among teams, across a certain period of time, based on your employees’ availability, efficiency and skills.

The data used by OCP can be either directly uploaded into OPX, or automatically imported from other systems.

OPC can also collect historical data and use it to predict patterns and foresee the future demand & capacity. This includes increased number of customer claims in certain months, holiday season, job turnover and more.

OCP offers:

  • Automatic access to expected/actual handling times per activity.
  • Weekly, monthly, and even yearly planning.
  • Handling seasonal variations.
  • Automatic resource allocation making planning far simpler.
  • Resource allocation using rarest skill first.
  • Multiple demand data sources (not just OPX).
  • Multiple supply sources (not just OPX).
  • Unlimited number of plans.
  • New hire capability growth patterns (how long to get new hires up to speed).
  • Ability to plan given a new upcoming change such as robotic automation.
  • Ability to plan given re-skilling.
  • Ability to record actions needed to make the plan work (hiring, training, etc).

OCP is applicable and will support your business whether your planning strategy is:

  • Lead based: changing your capacity to meet the expected demand ahead of time.
  • Lag based: waiting until we are near or at full capacity.
  • Match based: regularly matching the demand and capacity continually.
  • Historic/seasonal: where its adjusted for known historic patterns

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