Enhance Standard Operating Procedure Adherence

The correlation between deviation from Standard Operating Procedure and an increase complaints & quality assessment failures has been proven beyond a doubt. With the OPX Checklists module, you can provide interactive guides at specified moments of a case’s processing journey to ensure that Team Members know exactly how to handle the case.

With the OPX Checklists module, super users can easily create interactive questionnaires straight from the OPX console. All sorts of question types can be used, from multiple choice to matrix. These questionnaires can then be assigned to individual business processes or process activities so that they appear as a pop-out either when a case is received or when it is completed. Completed questionnaires are visible both to Management via the OPX Console’s MI System & to Team Members for the remainder of the case’s processing journey via the Checklists tab of the payload.

Increase Efficiency

With the OPX Checklists module you can ensure that your team members receive interactive guides at the right time, meaning there’s no need for them to sift through unnecessary information. Instead, they can flick through an interactive Process or Process Activity containing only information that is pertinent to their current processing task.

Well thought through question sets can massively boost efficiency. If a team member has a low efficiency rating for a particular process or process activity, team leaders can view their completed checklists to see how they operate & hone in on where re-training might be required. At a team level, questions can be set to appear sequentially so that team members can glide down the most efficient path using your step-by-step guide.

Long-Term Results

Unsure of the most efficient path for case work in a particular Process or Process Activity? Questionnaires can be created specifically to discover how team members process case work & determine the best approach. Typically, these questionnaires appear as optional popups once a Team Member completes a case. Team Leaders & senior management can then view completed questionnaires alongside case handling times to determine the most effective methods, then create more questionnaires that set out these new methods.

To thrive as a business, you should always be looking to enhance Standard Operating Procedures. With OPX Checklists, you can discover how you might do so!

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Reduce Complaints

Noticed a rise in Quality Assessment failures? Standard Operating Procedures were, of course, created to standardise business process operations & prevent slip-ups that might ultimately lead to complaints or more work. Via OPX Checklists, you can enforce & improve your Standard Operating Procedures, preventing deviation, improving quality, and reducing complaints.

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