Automated Case Creation & Routing

The Email Gateway can scan incoming mail & classify whether it should begin a case in a certain Process. Let’s say for example that an incoming email mentions a New Business Application & has a form attached. The Email Gateway will create a new case in the New Business Process with a scanned image of the email as the case’s Summary Information screen and the attachment also available in the case’s Payload.

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Automated Correspondence

The OPX Email Gateway has been specifically configured to include the ability to send emails as part of human or robotic case handling. Automated activity steps can be added to both OPX and Robotics Processes which create & send an email. These case-specific emails can be generated from templates created by Super Users via the OPX Document Production module.

Of course, some emails might require a response from the recipient before case work can continue. That’s why we’ve also introduced an automated Await Correspondence activity step. This means that once an email relating to a case has been sent by the OPX Email Gateway, the case will be put into a waiting state until the Email Gateway picks up a response. This will then be attached to the case, which in turn will become re-available for selection.

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Never Lose An Email

Worried that emails might slip through the net? While the Email Gateway can look for potential case information in both the subject & body of an email, if no such information is found it doesn’t just ignore it! Special, pre-defined triage processes can be setup & configured so any emails that seem obscure or cannot be classified for some reason will still be routed to someone who can determine what should be done with it!

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