Insightful Data Intuitively Displayed

Prior to OPX, our partners have struggled with over-complicated & incomprehensible data tables. We often hear of Team Leaders & Senior Management struggling unnecessarily to sift through & analyse mountains of data to find pertinent information on how their team or organisation is performing. For this reason, our experts work closely with partners from the beginning of their OPX journey to determine the most valuable data both from within OPX & from other systems. We then transform this data into intuitive dashboards and performance indicators to ensure that the most pertinent charts, graphs, and additional data are easily accessible for all levels of management.

Dynamic Dashboards

Here at OPX, we’re always amazed at the amount of time Team Leaders and many other levels of management seem to spend manually editing and updating data on Excel or other spreadsheet software. With Dynamic Dashboards, OPX offers a framework for spreadsheets featuring role based access and all kinds of charting capabilities. We’ll work with you to determine a set of Key Performance Indicators for your business & how best to calculate them, then develop spreadsheets for you which can be updated with real time data at the click of a button!

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Web Dashboards

With innovative data presentation at its core, the OPX Web Dashboards feature can be used to create personal or role-based sets of widgets. These widgets are purpose built to cater to any or all levels of management, providing excellent visualisation from high level overviews all the way to granular case-by-case details in real time. They can take the form of anything from heatmaps to timelines, grids to gauges, pie charts to pivots, and can be linked to any operational data available in OPX and many other systems.

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Quick Reports

Of course, there may be the odd thing that requires a simple report rather than any flashy widgets such as charts or graphs. That’s why the OPX Management Information System includes a simple Report Builder feature as well as our dynamic & web dashboard modules. This can be used by Super Users and authorised team members to create, save, and run reports from any table in the OPX database.

About OPX

We know workforce optimisation like the back of our hands. The nucleus of the Corporate Modelling Services development team, based in Glasgow, UK has been working together for over 15 years, providing transformational software solutions to solve key business operations & efficiency problems.

Every customer is unique. That’s why we customise our OPX platform to fit every customer’s needs precisely. Our Rapid Deployment Method (RDM) takes clients through the five steps of an OPX implementation in around 30 days.

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