Real-time work allocation

July 30, 2018 | Workforce Management

Real-time work allocation

Work allocation can be automated!

With a right system in place you can do even more. You will not only automate the work allocation but also increase business efficiency and increase your employees’ productivity.

OPX is a workforce management solution that can completely change the way your employees handle their tasks. OPX provides global demand visibility and can show in real-time the workload in dashboards and reports – online or sliced and diced as required.

OPX can either automatically allocate work in real-time based on SLAs, volume and type of work matched to the available resource capacity and skills. It also provides additional flexibility to the managers, allowing them to allocate the work to meet unexpected or changing circumstances.

OPX helps to allocate the right tasks to the right people, at the right time.

The automated work allocation prevents “cherry picking” whereby agents select the work directly from a queue based on their preference. This can lead to work or cases moving out of an agreed SLA due to its perceived complexity.

OPX also enables scheduling & planning. Thanks to this, management can prepare and plan its resources for times with high-demand or employee shortages.

Would you like to know more about automated work allocation? Check OPX overview.

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