Top reasons why some businesses digital transformation efforts fail and how to avoid this

July 25, 2018 | Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation promises more revenue, a better customer experience and a new level of productivity never seen before!

Businesses are racing to take advantage of these benefits but often instead of succeeding, somehow manage to mess up their digital transformation efforts.

A Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey published in May suggests that only 18 per cent of companies consider their digital strategies “very effective”.   Failed digital transformation results in the loss of productivity, time and revenue, so how can it be avoided?

We follow a four-step implementation process to ensure that the digital transformation of your back-office runs smoothly!

Step 1: Analysis

Our OPX consultants carry out a ‘during and after’ analysis of your existing systems and processes and customer stakeholders, we identify where productivity gains can be achieved.

Step 2: Configuration

OPX and its integrated modules form a universal platform for operational excellence encompassing back office workforce optimisation, robotics process automation and digital empowerment under one platform.

OPX and the integrated modules are all highly yet easily configurable via the OPX platform. The configuration allows us to paint, configure and deploy both processes and organisational hierarchies. It also allows for planning and scheduling, quality assurance, decision engine and customer communications. The pre-configuring checklists guide the agent through the task; together with options to either defer, pause, pass ownership or escalate, if other departments need to be consulted.

Step 3: Training

User and management training is offered to three target audiences:

  1. Operations Managers
  2. Team Leaders
  3. OPX User App Users

Trainer led group sessions are also available, offering trainees face-to-face, hands-on training on the relevant OPX features and accompanying user guides.

Both the OPX Team Leader Console and OPX User App feature comprehensive in-line and contextual help links to relevant subsets of the user guide documentation set should you need it.

Step 4: Support

Our services professionals continue to work with your Operations team, analysing and assessing your growing live data to help identify and refine performance, further optimisation and improvement opportunities to enhance the overall operational efficiency.

The OPX team are here to ensure your back office digital transformation runs smoothly – every step of the way. For further information and to find out more, please book an OPX demo.



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