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September 27, 2021 | Operational Excellence, Productivity, Workforce Management

remote work challenges

The last 18 months have transformed the office working environment for employees. Now, even with the chance to return to some form of normality, many enterprises do not plan to come back to their previous set-up. Some companies give their employees the choice, while others implement permanent hybrid working environments.

According to international research group YouGov, 57% of employees prefer working from home rather than coming to the office. Although the challenge of remote work concerned many employers at the beginning of the pandemic, researchers have found an increase in productivity from people working from home. Standford noticed a rise in productivity levels of 13% among its 16,000 employees working from home. Whilst Prodoscore reported an increase in productivity of 47% through remote working since the start of the pandemic.

YouGov also conducted another research together with Microsoft and found that 30% of remote employees noted an increase in their working hours. More than 53% felt like they have to be available at all times. Could this put employee engagement and happiness at risk?

Available research data shows that working from home can be very beneficial for the business and its employees; but it is not without its challenges. How is it done right?

Can efficiency of employees working from home be improved while also maintaining their engagement?


An appropriate system can solve this problem. OPX is a system that aims to improve efficiency within a business by providing a specialised workforce management toolset. This includes comprehensive reports on the employees time of work, tasks performed and engagement. The system optimises task allocation among employees; this means that they are matched with tasks that suit their strengths. They also receive information about work that is expected from them and how long it should take.

The newest OPX module – OPX Application Discovery is especially useful for companies wanting to improve their work-from-home set-up. This module enables full control of employees performance in real-time within the system. The management team can see what each employee does or did at a given time. This includes the screen preview as well as mouse activity. Consequently, the management can better understand the bottlenecks of the processes within the business and quicker identify the needs for employee training.

The system also has a great impact on enterprise communication processes. Employees who make mistakes due to lack of training or inadequate skillsets and task allocation, can be quickly identified. Simultaneously, help can be offered to employees who struggle with their workload for other personal reasons. Such problems can be then addressed and solved quickly, without risking the process performance.

OPX Application Discovery also helps the management to measure employees KPIs and effectiveness of the processes. As a result managing teams becomes easier and more effective than it has ever been, no matter if working in the office or remotely from home.





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