Our Customers’ Stories

Our customers include global financial services companies, business process outsourcers, utilities companies, innovative insurance companies and management consultants.

  • Financial Services

    OPX helps organisations in the insurance and banking sectors ensure optimum operations performance and compliance.

  • Government

    OPX helps government departments implement change, improve SLAs and deliver against agreed outcomes.

  • BPOs

    We enable BPOs to provide innovative, cost effective solutions with sustainable benefits to their clients and their client’s customers.

  • Utilities

    OPX helps utility companies improve customer service, reduce costs and process complaints efficiently.

  • Student Loans Company
  • Principality Building Society
  • ReAssure
  • Huntswood
  • Sovereign

  • Case Study: Student Loans Company

    OPX empowered all 1,800 Processing & Repayments employees to work smarter, more efficiently and to be more customer aware

    In 2015 we engaged with the Student Loans team to discuss the possibility of an OPX pilot solution. Prior to our engagement the Workflow Management Team had managed much of the activity which ‘flowed’ through the operational heart of the organisation via manual spreadsheets…

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  • Case Study: ReAssure

    ReAssure reduced Operating Costs by 15% with OPX

    Part of the Swiss Re group, ReAssure, formerly Admin Re UK, specialises in the “run-off” of legacy, closed-life, business portfolios. The company has an impressive proven track record in the administration of life pensions and health business…

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  • Case Study: HCL IBS

    HCL increased the number of transactions processed per person by 15% using OPX

    The OPX project was initiated to design, build and implement a back-office workforce optimisation solution for outsourcing organisation HCL IBS. However, it developed into a unique proposition…

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  • Case Study: Principality Building Society

    OPX provides the flexibility needed to rapidly change Principality’s operating model to cope with the new pandemic impacts

    Principality Building Society is the 6th largest UK building society with over 70 branches and agencies in Wales and the Borders. OPX was selected and a pre-roll out pilot commenced in January 2020…

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