For Operations Directors

For Ops Directors, OPX offers a management app which enables:

  • Moving staff around the organisation to maximize utilisation
  • Reporting trends in utilisation and performance
  • Monitoring SLA breaches and identify bottlenecks
  • Reporting on performance by individual, team, or operational area
  • Exploiting process automation and automated customer communication to reduce costs
  • Reviewing forecasts of demand and capacity to meet it at any time against real picture

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

Ops Management Challenges Impacts How OPX can help
Minimising operational costs with minimal impact on business output Excess resource increases OpEx but removing critical resource reduces business capacity. Utilisation reporting to ID over and under resourced teams
Meeting the performance benchmarks. Lack of transparency makes it difficult to quantify the performance. Productivity and QA metrics are available in the management board, and enable the quantifying of operational performance at all levels
Identifying and removing process bottlenecks Bottlenecks cause avoidable delays and limit potential for growth. Generation of broad range process-centric reports helps to identify and address the bottlenecks.
Preventing SLA breaches
  • SLA breaches risk future business and can result in penalties or credits.
  • This can also cause reputational damage.
Default prioritisation by proximity to SLA breach. Finding and reporting breaches.
Adherence of the operating model Incorrect forecasts and planning results in service degradation or missed SLA’s OPX new forecast module forecasts demand and capacity and identified where retraining, overtime, hiring and staff reductions may be required

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