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Why use OPX?

OPX is an award-winning workforce management system which will transform and optimise your business

What can OPX do for your business?

OPX offers a range of tools to manage your teams and provides you with reports based on real-time data

OPX supports your organisation in two key areas – task allocation & employee productivity monitoring. We can transform operations in your company by providing a system for effective management of resources and service demand. OPX can be integrated with other solutions and can automate the data exchange between them.

  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Automated document generation
  • Classification of incoming emails
  • Decision Engine powered by BI for process execution & escalation
  • Outcome-dependent email creation & distribution
  • Automated data extraction & validation
  • Work scheduling & capacity planning
  • Intuitive dashboards for comprehensive data management
  • Dedicated module for complaints handling

OPX Overview

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Who is OPX for?

OPX is not a sector specific solution. It can transform many businesses across different industries. What they all have in common is the structure of their business operations. Who can OPX help the most?

Who is OPX for?

OPX Features

What does OPX deliver?

Workforce Management

Powerful Workforce Management and productivity monitoring

OPX Workforce Management is an intelligent solution that understands your business requirements and resource availability. The algorithms behind the system allocate the right work to the right people at the right time.

Workforce Management

Business Improvement

Transform and improve your productivity, quality and efficiency

OPX aims to simplify your business processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. OPX uses bots to automate repetitive tasks, so they become easier to perform for employees. OPX can also be integrated with other solutions.

Business Improvement

Transform Your Back-Office

Automation and optimisation of your business processes with OPX

OPX is a modern digital technology that will help to transform your business. The development of technology is unstoppable and digital transformation is an inevitable process for many industries.

Digital Transformation

Benefits of using OPX

Why should I use OPX?

The data provided by our clients shows the difference in their performance of business operations over 12-24 month periods.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients think…

Client Testimonials

Case Studies

Find out how OPX helps our clients

We have successfully transformed the operations of our clients. Now, they are happy to share their stories. Find out how OPX has changed these businesses and made their processes more effective.

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