OPX Transforms & Optimises Your Business

OPX was specifically developed to transform back office operations and streamline the integration with front office processes. OPX empowers agile operations. Highly modular and quick to implement, OPX supports back office workforce optimisation, smart work allocation and robotic process automation (RPA). OPX delivers back office optimisation by improving visibility, improving efficiency, improving the customer journey and by driving long-lasting change.

  • Workforce Management

    Workforce Management is about managing the people and the processes. It deals with the who as well as the how.

    OPX is an award-winning Workforce Management tool. OPX helps you optimise your staff and business processes. As a workforce optimisation system, OPX provides a wide range of benefits including increased productivity and utilisation, reduced costs and complaints while improving quality and customer service.

    Workforce Management

    OPX delivers Workforce Management

  • Business Improvement

    Business Improvement is a continuous process impacting many areas of the business where requirements and outcomes can vary. Proper project management that recognises different requirements is key.

    As a result, there are always more things to chase and more work to be done to keep the improvement balanced and constantly progressing. Businesses that decide to increase efficiency can successfully enter new markets and compete with products offered globally.

    Business Improvement

    OPX delivers Business Improvement

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation enables enterprises to change their business models and customer service standards to gain a chance to introduce innovative products or services.

    The entire digital transformation process directly impacts employees’ performance and the methods for reporting, analysing, and reacting to business data. This includes integrating modern technologies within areas responsible for the proper functioning of the enterprise.

    Digital Transformation

    OPX delivers Digital Transformation

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