For Planning Managers

OPX supports business planning managers with:

  • Balancing Workforce vs Workload
  • Live Management Information
  • WFM integration

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

Workforce planning challenges Requirements How OPX can help
Balancing staff vs workload in the back office I need to make sure I have enough staff to complete the inbound work within sla in my back office. OPX can show you how many people are required to complete the work in queue, live. No need to wait days for MI.
What if scenarios I need to know what will happen if I add or remove staff from my back office. OPX can create what if scenarios to show you the impact of reallocating staff.
Demonstrating staffing levels I must report to the end client our performance against contract. OPX can prove how many staff you need to complete tasks, allowing you to present to the client specific metrics.
Scheduling staff from WFM I need to feed back-office statistics into my WFM. We can integrate with your existing WFM product and feed relevant information both ways.

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