For Chief Operations Officers

As a person at the top of operations, COOs are concerned with regulatory compliance and quality delivered. OPX can help COOs with:

  • Showcasing the COO’s operation and is accountable for performance
  • Managing conduct and operational risk, including regulatory compliance and complexity management strategies
  • Setting the operating strategy and directing transformation,
  • Quality adherence, and aiming at reducing the loss ratio.

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

COO Challenges Requirements How OPX can help
How can I showcase operational performance to the board. How can I hold poor performance to account? I need to know where resource is wasted and it needs support. I need to justify expense to the board. Identify resource utilisation and productivity highlights and downsides, granular SLA reporting.
Where are my major operating risks and can I mitigate them? I need to be able to identify where my acceptable risk tolerances are being exceeded. What are the impacts? OPX dashboards on SLAs, quality, productivity, utilisation, throughput, failure demand, skills shortages, all help minimise risks.
Which regulation must I comply with, and are we compliant? I want to promote adherence and capture an audit record as evidence. Using checklists, Scriptflow, monitoring and business rules process adherence can drive up compliance
Where do I see my operation in 3-5 years time and how do we get there? I need to be able to plan and understand transformational impacts I may decide to do. Using OPX new forecast module, run multiple what-ifs, see the potential impact if, say new RPA or systems are in force in the future.
Are operations adhering to the strategies I’ve implemented? Visibility of strategy, are those responsible to enabling activity and those in ops doing what’s required of them? Comprehensive dashboards and reports with drill-down capability provide an operational single source of truth.

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