For Chief Technology Officers

OPX will provide real-time data that will support the CTO with decisions on:

  • Impact on the IT estate
  • Slow pace of digital transformation
  • IT risks, info-security & cyber-security
  • Lack of resource to provide the business wishlist
  • Needs to prioritise regulatory changes and new market initiatives over improvements

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

Technology Challenges Requirements How OPX can help
Managing digital workforce I need to ensure my team and the wider operations are being productive. I need remote and hybrid workers to perform. I need to see opportunities for RPA benefit realisation. Employee monitoring and work ethic and delivery helps manage the workforce. OPX identified areas for improvement and RPA as well as identifying the applications to script in RPA or Scriptflow.
Integration headaches with legacy systems I need all my core and satellite systems to play well together. I need easy interfaces reliable and quick to build. OPX has an inbuilt ETL solution that reduces any IT team requirements for integration to save a report to a disk or provide read-only access to core system. OPX also have a wide range of APIs.
Securing and retaining talent I need to secure new talent with newer skills to augment the knowledge rich team. OPX removes many simple but required systems from being an IT burden by empowering citizen development in a safe and reliable manner with no-code/low-code.
Delivering ROI and tangible benefits. Our deliveries must be shown to deliver benefit realisation and business benefit. OPX tracks case and non-case activities at a very granular level, new initiatives and solutions can have a visual impact analysis showing the benefit realisation.
Delivering on a hybrid/cloud roadmap. Business is using SaaS and core systems to empower growth and agility I need to make these manageable and live. OPX is a low maintenance system with low IT resource requirements other than allowing us to install on local or cloud environment chosen by yourself or carrying out our scripted maintenance deliveries.

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