For Chief Human Resources Officers

OPX supports the Chief HR Officer with their decisions by providing data on:

  • Performance/value for money from resources
  • Appropriately skilled resources
  • Sufficiently skilled resources
  • Hybrid working and work ethic practices

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

HR Challenges Requirements How OPX can help
Getting the right sized team for the business. Balancing business operations with future strategic thinking. Real accurate data points for all analysis and forecasts are the key to right sizing. OPX forecasting can use historic data from multiple systems and OPX’s detailed data to forecast effectively.
Getting the right skills for the team at the right time. Retaining and sourcing new talent. Developing processes for redeploying internal talent based on verified skill sets. Ensuring qualifications, training, and competencies are kept up to date remotely. OPX holds skills at a very granular level allowing you to see what skills are needed in what volume and analyse to get the best skill set mix for a team/process or activity. Employees not mixing casework to keep a skill active are reported to their team leaders to help keep skills current.
Handling the worst team members Conducting objective and legally defensible layoffs OPX monitors performance, productivity, application/web domain use(sanctioned and unsanctioned ), idle time and work time at a very granular level.
Keeping employees engaged Keeping up the team concept. Managing workforce wellbeing Remote team members can be monitored by team leaders or managers and real-time reports may help spot patterns such as productivity loss or gain, lack or over use of break periods.
Hybrid working Ensuring the work effort matches the operating model expectations. Making remote work work. We need a known amount of effort from a team member, but in hybrid this may be spread over 24 hours rather than 9-to-5 (or even over a week or month depending on your approach). OPX can help track this and report on it. OPX shifts and rotas can help plan a balanced workforce.

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