For Transformation Directors

OPX supports business transformation directors with:

  • Leveraging technology to allow better cost management
  • Facilitating the change initiatives to move towards targeted operating model
  • Managing the increasing complexity of the service portfolio
  • Promoting a culture of change within operations
  • Improving reporting and visibility to highlight processing bottlenecks and pains

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

IT Challenges Impacts How OPX can help
How well is my current operating model being adhered to, how could it be improved? I get a strategic direction, implementing this is down to me. How can I make wins? See real time and historic data against the plan to facilitate timely plan reviews.
What options are available to me to facilitate the business’s cost management strategies? How could I save costs? Where could we improve to drive up revenue? Identify expensive activities especially voluminous ones for improvements, identify under performing teams, manager, individuals, reduce identified failure demands.
How can I facilitate the customer retention targets set by the board? Where do bottlenecks and customer pain points exist? At what stage in the lifecycle do I lose people? Analysis of service levels and service E2E times, increased One & Done, increased quality and ability to handle blended office team.
How do I focus my transformation effort in line with my target operating model? Where can I achieve operational wins? What is the tactical problem that I need to address? Identify highest cost (time) activities, identify services with lowest SLA achievements, identify candidate activities for RPA and poor systems pain points.
How does my infrastructure manage my portfolio of service and how can I minimise complexity? Where is a lack of IT resources causing most pain. OPX no-code solution allows many Operational apps to be built by operations themselves.

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