Mission Statement

Our mission statement sums up the company ethos:

“Our mission is to enable others to revolutionise operational efficiency through intuitive software solutions. We’re dedicated to providing tools that streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive bottom-line results for our clients. By combining advanced technology with a deep understanding of industry needs, we empower businesses to optimise their operations and unlock their full potential. Our commitment to innovation and customer success ensures that we remain at the forefront of operational excellence, driving growth and success for businesses of all sizes.”

Company Background

  • History

    Corporate Modelling Services (CMS) was founded in 2008 by Graham Twaddle who had previously created two successful software companies.

    The core of our development team is based in Glasgow, UK. We have been working together for over 15 years providing transformational software solutions to solve key business operations efficiency problems.

  • Our Focus

    We identified the back-office as an area where businesses suffer various hidden bottlenecks that negatively impact employee performance.

    As a result, we focused our efforts on developing a solution that would address these issues, delivering a digital transformation of back-office operations into businesses in a cost-effective and easy to implement way.

  • What we do

    We specialise in helping our clients improve their business performance by increasing their productivity while reducing their costs.

    We help to change the way in which an organisation processes customer service requests, and in turn change their working practices and behaviours by introducing agile operations.

  • Flexibility

    We realise every customer is unique. That’s why we customise our product to precisely fit every customer’s needs.

    We have built many unique business relationships with our clients over the years. We always listen to their changing needs and take them into consideration by constantly innovating and developing our product further.


We work with partner companies who provide a gateway to their clients while OPX can be modelled, configured, monitored and managed in an effective and efficient manner. Our four step implementation process is planned to aid organisation, optimisation and improvements to workforce capacity and processing.

  • Analysis

    We identify where productivity gains can be achieved during and after analysis of your existing systems and processes with OPX consultants and customer stakeholders.

  • Configuration

    OPX and its integrated modules form a universal platform for operational excellence encompassing back office workforce optimisation, robotics process automation and digital empowerment under one platform. OPX and its modules are all highly configurable.

  • Training

    User and management training is offered to operations managers, team leaders and standard users. Trainer led group sessions are also available, offering trainees face-to-face, hands-on training with the relevant OPX features and accompanying user guides.

  • Support

    Our services professionals continue to work with your Operations team, analysing and assessing your growing live data to help identify and refine performance, further optimisation and improvement opportunities to enhance the overall operational efficiency.

The CMS Management Team

  • Graham Twaddle

    Chairman & Chief Architect

    Graham is an internationally renowned guru of business process modelling and information technology, with a valued reputation amongst the major consultancy enterprises. Previously he was a director of Sherwood International PLC and was the architect of process modelling systems in financial services and central government.

  • Alex Allan


    Alex has more than twenty years experience in IT software and professional services. He has served on the board of entrepreneurial companies driving worldwide sales strategy. Alex has worked in multiple sectors delivering IT business solutions to finance, health, education, government and commercial enterprise.

  • Peter Neilson


    Peter has over twenty years of experience in software and database development and architecture, including extensive involvement in financial services, process-modelling and workflow systems and the design and development of software tools. Peter has worked for Sherwood International PLC, SunGard Financial Services and PwC.

  • James Ward


    James acts as CFO of Corporate Modelling. He is an accomplished entrepreneurial accountant who founded Whale Rock (2004), a professional services group which he sold to Capita plc in 2012. He now fulfils a portfolio CFO role across a number of corporates across a number of sectors.

  • Paul Barrow

    Non-Executive Director

    Paul qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1974 and post qualification moved into Financial Services. He has held a number of senior positions in Finance, Sales and Operations. In particular, he was very active in the process outsourcing space both onshore and offshore working with successful companies including Unisys Insurance Services, NIIT Technologies, Capita Life and Pensions and HCL Insurance Services.

  • Harry Taylor

    Non-Executive Director

    Harry Taylor BSc (Hons) FFA FSAI is in independent actuary and management consultant with extensive commercial experience of banking, insurance, pensions and investment as a a director at several of the UK’s major financial services companies leading proposition development, marketing and operations.

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