For Back-Office Agents

OPX enables back-office agents to:

  • Get Next”- upon completion of the task, they can move on to the next task, best-suited for their skillset
  • Defer, refer or escalate tasks
  • Record their breaks, phone calls and meetings
  • Access case history and information
  • Use checklists to promote their quality and compliance
  • Focus on tasks that are prioritized and suitable for their skills

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Challenges & Solutions

How OPX can help

Agent Challenges Impacts How OPX can help
Managing own workload is difficult without all the information Focusing efforts on more urgent requests. Priority/routine items falling outside SLA. Disengaging with the work, reduction of morale. Real-time automated task allocation shifts agent focus onto the task itself. SLA adherence is managed automatically, reducing breaches.
Need to balance professional development with meeting targets Having gaps in training. Performing duty inadequately. Cannot complete work while undertaking training. Reporting on quality and productivity of staff in detail, identifying specific training needs and focussing effort.
Risk of boredom performing monotonous tasks Becoming less motivated; drops in productivity. Employee retention suffers. Splitting processes into different activities, sending mundane work to bots while keeping the decision-making steps with a human.
Might be asked to absorb front office work, disrupting own routine Back-office work gets put on hold over front office tasks. Reporting on activity becomes difficult when working across separate systems and offices. As front-office demand increases, OPX can pause work and resume as appropriate, monitoring the SLA impact throughout.

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