How can Workforce Management Software help you increase process efficiency in the back office?

June 29, 2022 | Business Improvement, Productivity, Workforce Management

process efficiency

The priority for the department responsible for planning and monitoring operations is to maintain a balance between the highest quality level of services and the operational costs. The perfect solution for improving this balance within the back-office is the implementation of the Workforce Management Software.

Workforce Management – when and for what purpose?

Workforce optimisation systems guarantee optimal coordination of all back- and middle-office processes, i.e. activities aimed at maintaining the efficiency of employees at the highest level, work scheduling, case tracking, training or managing productivity. Implementing a WFM system in the back office gives tools for good work planning. For example, employing an agent with specific skills and qualifications for a given position at the right time to respond to increasing customer demands.

From experience gained by working with our clients, we observed that a well-chosen WFM system could bring a number of quick results. These include: 

 – employee cost optimisation 

 – improved customer service 

 – role utilisation

 – lower employee turnover

 – automation of generating work schedules

 – real-time monitoring

How to achieve these results?

With the right system in place, companies can quickly achieve the highest level of process efficiency. A WFM system’s advanced mechanisms allow for forecasting and optimisation of work schedules for all agents, ensuring the number of employees ready to respond to the client’s needs is adequate to peak hours, while minimising the costs of the team that works ineffectively.

A WFM system improves human resources management and reduces the complexity of back-office processes by using bots to automate repetitive tasks. WFM technology also significantly influences all levels of customer service, i.e. long-term planning, forecasting, daily monitoring, management of agents’ work, their productivity and utilisation.

Many may say that the performance of the back office does not depend solely on technology but largely on people. We believe that giving the managers and team leaders the right toolset can only result in effective management and continuous improvement. Yet, a properly selected system can enable precise and specific analysis for daily scheduling and labour control, reduce the risk of skill excess/shortage and ensure a quick return on investment, thus increasing the company’s profits.

As a result, implementing a workforce management system can help improve process efficiency at both, the organisational level and the level of individual employees.


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