The importance of workforce optimisation in a hybrid contact centre environment

December 20, 2021 | Productivity

For many, there is no turning back to the old way of always-in-the-office set up. The new Omicron wave has just reminded us about that. Companies that went digital are planning to go… even more digital. Out of 350 senior executives surveyed by McKinsey (2021), 91 percent are planning to maintain or increase investment in digital technology in the coming years.

What does it mean for the workforce of a hybrid contact centre?

Some say that a remote working environment helps to be more productive. However, it is almost impossible for employees to maximise their productivity while working remotely without the proper setup. What makes it right, though? Many companies provide their employees with laptops, headsets, and even desks and chairs. These are very important for employees to perform their tasks comfortably. However, in order to do their best work, employees need something else – the right software. A system that can support remote task allocation, time tracking and enable productivity monitoring of teams and individuals.

According to McKinsey (2021), 70% of companies see digitisation, automation and tech enablement and a key productivity driver that will most affect their profitability by 2024. 

Implementation of the right technology can increase business efficiency, reduce labour costs, reduce the number of complaints and improve the well-being of the staff.

The solution offered by Corporate Modelling is directed at contact centres/back-offices — environments where employees need to reply to dozens of e-mails every day. Handling cases/tickets can be done more efficiently than having them manually picked by agents from a queue.

OPX is a system that enables automatic task allocation depending on the agent skill set. The system analyses the availability of the workforce and their skillset each time a new case comes in; as a result, agents cannot ‘cherry-pick’ their cases from a queue. These and other functions can be adjusted precisely to every business needs. The system also provides functions for employee time tracking. Staff can register their working time and every break they take.

Moreover, OPX has a range of tools dedicated to the management and the team leaders – enabling team management and productivity monitoring.

Any company that has moved to the remote working environment and has not figured out the most productive way to run its hybrid contact centre, should think about implementing a system such as OPX. The right software can completely change how your company works, making it more efficient and profitable.

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