OPX user group meeting in October

August 3, 2016 | News & Announcements

We will be holding an OPX user group meeting in London on 26th October 2016. This is an invitation only event. Contact us for more information.


OPX introduces Process Performance Indicators to already determined KPIs, engaging your management with real time monitoring and empowering all in your organisation. It ensures an individual’s skills set is best utilised and provides the transparency for their activities to ensure that their time is optimised. Yet, OPX is the positive face of workforce management today and for the future good of your operations. It not only gains buy-in from the ‘shop floor’ up, but vitally also reduces the labour intensity and so cost of your processes – whether these be previously automated tasks or those that are currently manual undertakings.

With OPX in place, your processes can be made relevant, efficient and geared to meeting business needs and objectives, and importantly, deemed by all in your organisation, to be so.


For your business OPX will represent a paradigm shift in performance levels, achieving tangible change across your organisation and not perceived as an abstract management tool forced on staff, of which few can grasp the rationale. For senior management, operational management teams and team leaders it enables them to see the bigger picture, as well as the detail of the work that has been done and that which has yet to be undertaken. For your individuals it will enable them to acknowledge and lay claim to their true productivity levels.

And it demonstrably works. OPX is proven to deliver reduced operational costs and improved quality, with increases in productivity, utilisation, throughput and reduction in customer complaints.


Corporate Modelling is a visionary company and yet highly expert in creating the pragmatic technological developments for business that can help people become more productive, eradicating waste and mistakes to make a difference to that organisation and its customers.

OPX gives all in your organisation permission to change for the better.

The interaction of intelligent task allocation and role/performance analysis, geared to improving the customer journey, enables your organisation to exercise greater governance over the business in real time, through a more cohesive, collaborative and linear handling of work.

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