Successful digital transformation: Business-first or technology-first approach?

August 8, 2018 | Digital Transformation


The digital transformation goes beyond normal organisational evolution. In fact, it resembles more of an evolutionary breakthrough! In 2017 Greg Deffenbaugh drew a comparison between digital transformation and ice age, where in order to survive, living creatures had to adapt to new condition or simply – become instinct.

Likewise, today digital transformation is forcing a change in businesses. And note that today’s external forces are more at the paste of an incoming meteor rather than a slow-moving glacier.

Given the complexity of modern IT infrastructures, digital transformation can require specialised skills to carry out a successful initiative – from re-architecting legacy applications to implementing identity management protocols.

As a result, it is often the case that a company will not have all the expertise needed in-house to competently and cost-effectively, complete digital projects. Therefore, companies may require the assistance of outside experts with experience in digital transformation.

Value doesn’t come from surveying the market to find the right solution, it comes from adopting the solution properly and boosting productivity as a result. Our in-house highly-skilled specialists can aid your digital transformation and provide transformational software solutions to solve key business operations efficiency problems.

It is essential that CIOs are able to justify how every piece of software and hardware contributes to the wider business objectives, as well as calculating the return on investment.

Altimeter’s 2017 State of Digital Transformation report findings suggest that organisations need to figure out what digital transformation means to their business and what their goals are before they spent millions on new technologies which could be inadequate to their problems and objectives. This is where the business-first approach is crucial!

Many companies’ main focus is to become innovative and known for using the latest technological advancements. By putting their efforts into technology alone, they might be missing the boat.

It is paramount that organisations remain focused on the goals they aim to achieve, rather than just the technologies they need to achieve them. All too often, CIOs can get caught up in trying to adopt the latest and greatest innovations, without identifying how this innovation will deliver business benefits.

Here at Corporate Modelling, we are very clear what operational goals OPX can help to achieve in your organisation. To see how OPX can work for you and help your organisation to become more agile, competitive and productive, why not try a live demo?


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