5 Things to Demand from a Workflow Management System

May 30, 2017 | Business Improvement, Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence

workflow managememt system

It’s commonplace for organisations to operate within a Workflow Management System; they enable companies to reduce their operational costs, help them to be compliant and encourage their people to work more effectively.

Workflow management systems are a valuable addition to the back office and by ensuring that yours can provide you with the following features you will get the most effective platform to streamline operations as well as a sizeable  return on your investment.

Workflow management system feature 1: A single, modular platform

Using an all encompassing workflow management system means that you only need to invest and train people on one platform. It should hold all the features that will enable your organisation to work more efficiently, eliminate mistakes and encourage the operational team to be all that they can be. There are models out there that are advanced enough to offer everything that will drive operational efficiency across the board.

A good workflow management system should provide a scaleable solution, whereby you can utilise a variety of different modules.

Award-winning, workflow management system OPX is an all encompassing platform which can also offer;

  • MI reporting
  • Workforce management
  • XL Control
  • Document production
  • Robotics
  • Email gateway
  • Business rules management system

Workflow management system feature 2: Customised KPIs

You should be constantly analysing what is performing well and what isn’t, so that you can adapt quickly. A true Workflow Management System will do this for you by collecting various KPI measures, which you can then monitor closely

OPX allows its users to customise their own measurements. When the user creates the dashboard, they can chose what is to be collected, measured and reported back – the results can highlight when support is needed and also provide a greater sense of achievement as performance indicators soar!

Workflow management system feature 3: Performance reporting

A workflow management system that tracks skills and time management can ensure that no cherry picking can be allowed to bottleneck operations. It can also ensure that people can work effectively without being overwhelmed with, or under allocated, tasks.

OPX is fully customisable so operations managers can see daily, weekly or monthly performance reports. In addition, it means that it can identify where there are skills gaps so training can be implemented where necessary. This encourages the workforce to be the best that they can be whilst improving the throughput of work.

Workflow management system feature 4: Robotics Process Automation

Robotics are becoming common for removing monotonous and mundane tasks from the human workforce. This can offer multiple advantages – reduced mistakes, increased productivity and even increased employee satisfaction in the workplace

An advanced workflow management tool will use skills and rules to identify which tasks are appropriate for robots and which ones require a human to execute them. In addition, they should be able to mix both robotic and human activity in the same process to deliver not only enhanced productivity but a superior customer experience.

OPX can not only show both human and robot KPIs, but integrate with an organisation’s existing RPA products.

Workflow management system feature 5: A future proofed solution

A workflow management system like OPX continually strives to improve, adapt and update in line with new technological developments and the changing nature of the sectors it works in. Thanks to the customer led user groups which provide insight and ideas from the users themselves.

Workflow Management Tools have progressed and OPX is already transforming the back offices of several large financial institutions. We have in-house experts who can advise you on the latest features and what you can expect from OPX.

To see how OPX can work for you and help your organisation to become more agile, competitive and productive, why not try a live demo from the comfort of your laptop?

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