Data Communication Made Simple

The OPX API was devised to put minds at ease, creating an on-demand restful web service that can be used to extract data from OPX and insert it into another system (or vice versa!). The OPX API is not a code generator. It is a dynamic agent, using meta-data defined by administrators that can be used to select, update and insert data from certain database tables.

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Authentication & Authorisation Is Part & Parcel

The OPX API features both authentication & authorisation steps for maximum security. Authenticated users alone can use the OPX API and multiple levels of authorisation can be defined and fine-grained by you so that only certain users can access specified tables that have been pre-defined as accessible. You can also define whether authorised users can insert, update, or simply read data.

Permissions can be assigned to:

  • Individual users
  • Users with a specific role within your organisation
  • Users within a specific workgroup

Workflow Processing Automation

As well as getting & inserting data, the OPX API features a subset of Workflow APIs, allowing client applications to process cases with the ability to perform any kind of operation (such as deferrals or referrals) just like a human team member.

Once a client application has received a valid Authentication Token from the OPX Authentication API, it can use this token to send a request to a Workflow API to carry out an operation.

This means that Dynamic Data APIs can be used in conjunction with a Workflow APIs to change a record in a database table and then perform an operation on a case as required.

For example:

  1. A robotic system receives a valid Authentication Token from the OPX Authentication API
  2. It uses this token to get a case from the Workflow API
  3. It processes the case
  4. The robot sends a call to the Workflow API to say the case is completed, must be referred, etc.

Used correctly, therefore, this enhances the potential for robotic processing & the automation of repetitive tasks.

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About OPX

We know workforce optimisation like the back of our hands. The nucleus of the Corporate Modelling Services development team, based in Glasgow, UK has been working together for over 15 years, providing transformational software solutions to solve key business operations & efficiency problems.

Every customer is unique. That’s why we customise our OPX platform to fit every customer’s needs precisely. Our Rapid Deployment Method (RDM) takes clients through the five steps of an OPX implementation in around 30 days.

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